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Mirrors For Psychic Warfare: Self-Titled LP


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Pressing info:
1000 x Black standard weight

LP track list:

Side A
1. Oracles Hex
2. A Thorn To See

Side B
2. I’ll Try You All
3. 43

Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and producer/engineer/sonic warlord Sanford Parker are restless. This inquietude has culminated in another collaboration (the two work together in Corrections House, a project that also features the talents of Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD, and Bruce Lamont of Yakuza.) While Corrections House seem hell-bent on impersonal bludgeon and unfettered terror, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare are far more restrained. The band's haunting self-titled debut is the sonic manifestation of insomnia, complete with the tossing, the turning, and the perennial dread that comes with facing another shabby daylight.The five songs lurch and pulsate across a desolate landscape with an almost curious obsessiveness. While Mirrors for Psychic Warfare may remind some of the best work on the classic Cold Meat Industry label, there is enough familiar Kelly/Parker-isms scattered throughout to keep the album stimulating. It is a work with more in common with a fever or a fitful wraith than a record.

"Mirrors for Psychic Warfare" was realized and recorded by both Kelly and Parker at Actual 13 Studio and Hypercube respectively over the course of 2015. The record was mixed and mastered by Parker.

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