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Ufomammut: ORO - Opus Alter CD

Italian psychedelic sludge purveyors Ufomammut present Opus Alter, the second half of their new album Oro. The first half, Opus Primum, saw release in April 2012, and is available here.

Divided into ten massive movements overall, the two-chapter work is an expansive and multi-faceted exploration of the concept of knowledge and its power—the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle in the surrounding world. The title itself is Italian for “gold,” and Oro is the alchemical process to transform human fears into pure essence—into gold.

Although Oro’s two chapters were released months apart from each other, they must be considered as a single track in which the musical themes and the sounds appear and reappear, mutate and evolve, progressively culminating in Opus Alter’s crushing final movement.

Already known for their attention to detail with each release, including meticulous, quality artwork and packaging as expansive and layered as every obliterating UFOMAMMUT release is musically, this time they take it one notch higher and have completed a massive two-part album, set for release months apart.

Oro: Opus Alter Track Listing:

    1. Oroborus
    2. Luxon
    3. Sulphurdew
    4. Sublime
    5. Deityrant