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Neurosis: Fires Within Fires 180g Vinyl LP


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Track Listing:
Bending Light
A Shadow Memory
Fire is the End Lesson
Broken Ground

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and packaged in gatefold tip-on jackets with poly bags.
Artwork hand painted by Thomas Hooper.
Digital Download card included.

First Pressing:

• 1510 - Black audiophile 2xLP 45rpm 180 gram vinyl. 45 rpm allows more waveform definition providing higher resolution and a more accurate representation of the master.
• 590 - Red Eclipse 180 gram vinyl - Neurot Recordings Mail Order Exclusive
• 610 - Bloody Clear 180 gram vinyl - UK Exclusive
• 1110 - White 180 gram vinyl - EU Exclusive
• 3110 - Blood Red 180 gram vinyl - U.S. Exclusive

Second Pressing:

• 2018 - Grey 180 gram vinyl