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Trinity is a limited edition issue of the soundtrack to critically acclaimed Italian Director Alex Infascelli's film h2Odio (English title Hate 2 O). Under the moniker of his pysch guitar based project Harvestman, Steve Von Till of Neurosis creates an equally lush and beautiful, yet dark and disturbing backdrop to this psychological thriller. Juxtaposing the beautiful remote island landscape with the tormented psyche and tension of the plot, this soundtrack creates its own epic imagery in the mind of the listener.

The sounds vary from lush, hopeful, and beautiful guitar based landscapes to sinister visions of psychic turmoil.

3rd official release from Steve Von Till's Harvestman project.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Beautifully packaged in black Arigato Pak by Stumptown Printers of Portland, OR.

Track Listing:

    1. Harvestmesse
    2. Trinity
    3. March To Loch Barren
    4. Pure Space
    5. Amongst The Heather
    6. Dig
    7. Don't Play With Water
    8. Dead Flowers
    9. Pure Phase
    10. Reflections
    11. Pure
    12. Melleadh
    13. Separation
    14. The Thunderer
    15. Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
    16. Pure Space II